Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Again and Again

So you want english Cin? then let's talk english lor. so easy like snapping finger mah. okay, let's see. today started with me waking up the latest (as usual hehe..) and started working immidiately before taking a bath. a bad and disgusting habit, i know hoho.. after that, it's Burning Armor Code E, again and again. today i tried to load the enemies locations from a file and it worked haha.. but the journey is still long with a short time left so no dilly-dally is allowed for the next two weeks.

That's the first again and again..

IM2, race 4 win. that's the game we've developed for Indosat M2's exhibition at JCC today. there we witnessed our game being played and watched by a lot of people. and above all, they seems to like it. i even saw a young carier lady (maksudne sih wanita karier. tau dah bener ga hoahoahoa) played our game and she can finish the default track in 2 minutes time. quite a good time for a beginner since i've seen people with record of 6 or 7 minutes. O_o BUT!!! well, there's a but. our dear MAX logo is not shown again and again. not at the poster, not at the brochure, not at the banner, nothing.. nada.. zipped.. thrown away.. well this is the third time. disappointed? well, of course yeah. we've worked so hard. Ricky even had lack of sleep this whole week just to finish the game. but as Cin said, the joy is not just from having our logo shown any where, it's the faces of them people that played our game and enjoyed it. eventhough it's our trademark to develop some difficult games *wink* *wink*

That's the second again and again..

Oh, looks like the blog is long enough so i'll cut it short now but not without saying ttfn everybody again and again. be seeing you all in the next blog. time to go back to Burning Armor Code E.

Well, that's the third again and again.. :))


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