Tuesday, March 07, 2006

multiplayer gaming online di cell-phones

baca artikel di sini --> http://neasia.nikkeibp.com/topstory/003231
so..jadi semakin menguat nih keinginan untuk bikin multiplayer gaming online di cell-phones tahun ini...sebelum tahun 2006 berakhir, paling nggak harus ada games buatan max yang bisa dimainkan multiplayer online..., apalagi nanti pertengahan tahun 3G udah bakalan masuk ke Indonesia......beberapa tantangan teknisnya adalah mau pakai platform apa ya ? Java, Symbian, EDGE?...atau apa ya ?
dibawah ini artikel cuplikannya...

Multiplayer Mobile Online Gaming
Multiplayer mobile online gaming takes off in 2006. This market which has been dominated by either simple embedded or downloadable games for the past few years will continue to be so in 2006. In addition, both the developer community and the service providers will be eager to explore multiplayer mobile online gaming models in 2006. IDC believes that mobile gaming can be used as a conduit to attract serious PC-based online gamers who want continued online connectivity for the games they regularly play on their PCs. However, for this to flourish, a ubiquitous platform such as the PC is needed and finding such a platform will be the key challenge ahead.


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