Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In the name of Language

okay ... today when we got back from the Opening Ceremony for Race4Win at JCC .. we (me, kukuh, eric, and alex) start to quarrel about our English. Yes, you are right !! what is it ??? already confused ?? That's right again baby ... don't be so shy for not knowing the meaning of this writing stuff ... cause I type it all wrong .. without knowing the exact grammar etc.. bla bla bla ...

Yes ... we talked about our English language nowaday become worst .. all the languages that we used to talk in the office are Indonesian Extended, Java Extended, Hokkian Plus plus, and Body Language .. plus Jayuz Language ... we never used English for about 2 years ... its so funny cause we made all the games with English .. except for Ekspedisi Madewa ...

So .. starting for today .. we will talk in English in every Wednesday .. the other languages will take position for other days .. ok guys ???

Today I cooked Fried Beef Meat alias Empal ... and also Chicken Heart or Liver and Gizard ... fried it all .. and u know what ... when the liver and the gizard was swim in the pan with fried oil ... its exploded dud ... wow ... just like what my mom said .. be careful when u cooked that things ... but the taste was so gooooddd ... really .. i've thinking to open a restaurant .. huehuehuehuhu

okay .. back to the exhibition at JCC ... my heart is so sad and anger fill my heart and trough the vein it went up to my head .. i didn't see any MAX logo at the banner or poster at IM2 stand (for Race4Win game) ... even we are the maker of that game ... it really drove me mad ... haiz .. let eric or alex or kukuh talk about this ..

One thing that made me happy back there ... I saw so many people playing our game .. MAX game ... they looked so happy and their face full with laughter ... and the addicted to it .. our game .. somehow it made me proud .. it made us proud .. that's our game .. even some person from IM2 acknowledge that the game is made by them ...

"Make people happy with our game" .. is one of MAX vision ... ^_^

see u all with the next language huauhauhauhuahuahua


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